Hello there, I have really good news today. About one month ago Groovy v3.0 was released. The obvious question you may ask is why should someone even care about such languages as Groovy and Ruby today?

Well first of all Groovy is more practical one and usable compared to Ruby. And you can use in a case when there is a need for dynamically typed scripting in some parts of your application, or you have only purest Java developers that would never disrespect themself by learning any other technology but the are still need to do some scripting using Java like syntax. In other situations you should better use Kotlin for sure.

There are several things that should be pointed out from release description.

  • Groovy is still alive
  • New better parser “Parrot” is there
  • Support for Java-style lambda syntax is there after 6 years it was introduced in Java
  • Some other Java syntax compatibility improvements
  • Minimum JDK version to run is 8
  • Minimum JDK version to build is 9 :)

Could read full release notes for Groovy 3.0