Some company named released JVM ecosystem report 2020. My first thought was about some what not developers trying to report bullshit without any real proof. It is not because I do not believe in Kotlin future but because Internet is flooding nonsense. So if some company published report about technologies inside this company such report would not be correct.

But after some investigation it looks like data could be useful. According to crunchbase Snyk probably could get big about of information from their customers. Thus numbers in this report could be related with real values distribution.

If you are Kotlin developer or thinking about learn Kotlin in a future, than I have a good news for you Kotlin become 2nd most popular language on the JVM. The other good thing is that Scala popularity falling as it should be. In other words you should start learning Kotlin now.

As for Java-only developers, they could only wait until Oracle would copy paste some cool Kotlin features into Java in ugly way as they always do. But it will be long process you could even die of old age while waiting.