Source of my inspiration is here Microsoft Rust/WinRT public preview.

Yes we should be excited about this. For a long time Microsoft promoted only its own technologies for Windows and disrespect anything else. And if there was something good enough outside MS ecosystem they try to copy and recreate it, like C# which was initially based on Java.

About a year ago there report from Microsoft was published with very curious statement that about 70% of all security bugs are related to memory safe issues. Link to Link to From this perspective Rust look way safer language than C/C++. But also there there were a rumours that Microsoft try to develop its own language with safe memory management.

And now we can see that Microsoft acknowledged Rust ecosystem. Bindings for WinRT API sounds as a big deal because Windows runtime is a proper way to interact with Windows OS itself. The more officially supported bindings we would have the more easily it will be to write apps for Windows. Also, you will have one more weighty argument to convince business to use Rust instead C/C++ (or even C#) for new applications.